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Please find below our most aksed questions about ordering from Pulse Supply

Pulse Supply does not offer direct leasing. We have several preferred independent leasing companies. With most, you can apply online. Please let them know you were referred by Pulse for dedicated and expedited service:


Jacob White
Office: 626-795-0473
Fax: 626-795-0752
email: jwhite@jb2funding.com

Crest Capital
Lee Ashcroft

800-245-1213 ext.116
888-391-6728 fax

Dimension Funding, LLC
Shawn Kelly
Tel: 800-755-0585 x242
Tel: 949-250-0585 x242

Five Point Capital
Justin Thompson
10525 Vista Sorrento Parkway
Suite #304
San Diego, CA, United States 92121
Tel: 888-576-4685 x229
Fax: 888-462-4305



For more details, please Contact your Pulse represenative


In order to purchase equipment or services from Pulse Supply you will need the following:

  • Bill To/Ship To and contact information
  • Part numbers for product or service quoted by your Pulse Supply represenative
  • Prices of product(s) or service(s) quoted by your Pulse Supply represenative
  • Shipping method desired once the product is available to ship
  • Will partial shipments be acceptable ?
  • Hardcopy Purchase Order by Email, Mail, or Fax if possible
  • Payment method agreed upon by your Pulse Supply represenative


For more details, please Contact your Pulse represenative

Please contact the Pulse Supply represenative that you have been working with and placed the order.

Most orders can be tracked by your company name or actual order number. This order number is a 6 or 7 alphanumeric number such as MDO1234.

You can request this number after your Pulse Representative enters your order.

For more details, please Contact your Pulse represenative

This would be determined before actual ordering with your Pulse Supply represenative. We do offer service and installation contracts for most types of equipment we sell.

We can arrange most kinds of shipments and carriers, but we prefer:

  • UPS - All Services
  • UPS Freight - All Services
  • Fedex - All Services
  • DHL - International
  • USPS - All Services and weight/size limitaions

Many arrangements can be made for pre-paid, post-paid or customer account. Please ask your represenative before ordering.

Depending upon your customer  history and your payment terms, the following are methods for submitting orders:

  • Purchase Orders - physical
  • Purchase Orders - Email
  • Purchase Orders - fax
  • Signed quotations
  • Verbal
  • Paypal Invoice
  • Contractual

This depends on many factors due and the type of equipment/service. With commodity based items that are in stock, shipment can be immediate. With more complex equipment that is built to order it may run several weeks. Check with your Pulse Represenative be ordering.