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The requirement to reduce costs and increase efficiency have never been greater for corporate and enterprise organizations. The need to extend life of older telephone and communications equipment is more apparent. Methods of communication between customer and employee must accelerate and not suffer from down time. Cellular Gateways address these issues at an affordable price a quick return on investment.


Number 1 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayMany corporate and enterprise businesses have company wide cellular phone contracts. These contracts have a preset number of pooled minutes to be shared by all the cell phones in the contract. Going over the preset minutes will result in expensive per minute charges that can add hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to your fixed contract. Cellular Gateways take advantage of free "cell to cell" minutes and existing PBX telephone systems to reduce or eliminate these charges.


Number 2 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayMoving to a new VoIP PBX or Telephone system can give many new features and cost savings, but the transition and cost of total replacement can negate any savings. A cellular gateway allows you migrate to VoIP, increase functionality in your telephone system, lower your monthly phone bills and utilize your cell phones for mobile applications.


Number 3 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayFor most organizations, every minute or hour telephone lines are down result in decreased revenue with some approaching millions of dollars. Many advancements have taken place making traditional digital telephone lines extremely reliable, but they still go down from time to time and the only way to communicate is by cell phone. With cellular gateways, you can bring cellular phone access to your existing telephone system in the event primary telephone lines go down.


Number 4 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewaySMS Text messaging for business can give you the edge over competitors when timely information needs to reach your mobile personnel. Cellular gateways allow you to connect your application servers, databases and websites so they can send SMS messages to your cell phone users.



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