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Service Providers have unique challenges in today's marketplace. Faced with lower profits, demand for more features and high customer churn rates. Hypermedia cellular gateways provide solutions to these problems with alternative routing choices for voice, GSM/CDMA or 3G, direct VoIP access, T1/E1 PRI, least cost routing, Call Back and/or SMS Messaging.


Number 1 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayVoice Termination markets went through rapid growth and development. Many deployments were made with sub standard equipment, especially for the cellular termination market. In many parts of the world it is simply less expensive to send voice traffic to a cellular network than a traditional analog or digital phone line. In some places, cellular access is your only choice. Hypermedia Cellular Gateways provide a carrier grade solution to improve reliability that retains customers and reduce churn rates. Remote management and testing capabilities improve service related issues. Advanced functionality and SIM Server options bring new opportunities and scalability.


Number 2 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayGSM trunking allows direct connectivity to the GSM cellular network providers, and capitalizes on the cheaper mobile-to-mobile call tariffs. The GSM trunks create a low-cost alternative to fixed line communications in instances where PSTN line access is not available, not reachable, or not affordable. The ever increasing volumes of GSM call traffic, together with the high costs involved in routing fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls, has created a lucrative market for GSM services and new business opportunities; ideal for alternative Service Providers and Call Termination vendors for terminating GSM calls.


Number 3 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewaySIP Trunking allows taking part in the lucrative market for VoIP services, and to offer low call rates to businesses for routing calls between ISDN BRI or E1/T1 PRI to the IP networks. SIP trunks enable direct connection to an Internet Telephony Service provider (ITSP) for benefiting from increased calling capacity at generally more attractive prices. Hypermedia Gateway SIP trunks are linked up to the PBX phone system using VoIP interfaces, and can either replace the access to the fixed line provider, or enable an additional voice path.


Number 4 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayHypermedia’s SMS Solutions harness today’s cutting-edge technology in order to provide instant communication product tools. Marketing SMS communication has already been established as a key element in today’s Media, with an ever increasing need in one of the most growing communication arenas. Hypermedia’s SMS Gateway Pro series delivers an instant, low-cost marketing & advertising tool ideal for customer relationship management and unparalleled products or services exposure via the GSM / CDMA networks.



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