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SMS and Text messaging have grown from simple social communications to advanced marketing, advertising and customer relationship management. Hypermedia’s SMS Gateway Pro series delivers an instant, low-cost marketing & advertising tool ideal for customer relationship management and unparalleled products or services exposure via the GSM / CDMA networks.


Number 1 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayCorporate and Enterprise organizations are looking for ways to better communicate with their employees and customers. By installing one of our SMS Gateways (a.k.a. SMS Servers, SMS GSM Gateways, SMS box) and connecting the box to the organization's LAN, companies can send text messages to multiple users directly via the mobile/cellular networks, thus ensuring that information is delivered accurately and in a timely manner; increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time as reducing operating costs.


Number 2 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayAdvertising and Marketing are a key component to any successful organization. The Hypermedia SMS Campaigner application enables organizations to Create, Send and Receive targeted SMS campaigns; billing, alerts, advertisement and others, featuring advanced interactive functionalities. Hypermedia's SMS Campaigner HG-7300 boasts an intuitive User Interface that turns the art of creating advanced Marketing Campaigns into a simple and easy task.


Number 3 reason for using a Hypermedia Cellular GatewayCorporate and Enterprise software applications may lack the ability to access the cellular SMS network and provide information, communication or alerts. The Hypermedia SMS Pro Gateway provides a standards based API software interface that provides simplified development and quick deployment. Supports standards like Http, XML and Ascii protocols. The Hypermedia world-class SMS Pro Gateway infrastructure enables to develop or use other 3rd party SMS applications and services, or alternatively, enables customers to utilize a wide range of Hypermedia’s applications, such as the HG-7200 and HG-7300 options.



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