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Hypermedia HG-2000 BRI ISDN Cellular Gateway



The HG-2000 Modular ISDN BRI GSM Gateway are designed for connecting legacy PBX phone systems with BRI interfaces directly to the GSM networks for lowering the company phone bill. Linking directly to the PBX BRI interface, the Quad ISDN BRI Gateway HG-2000 from Hypermedia makes use of existing digital PBX equipment and offers from 4 up to 8 GSM simultaneous calls over 2 x B-channels or 4xBRI.


Product Information

Powerful Telephony Cost Saving Tool

The The Quad-BRI GSM Gateway HG-2000 is designed to reduce company telephone costs by connecting fixed line PBX systems with BRI interfaces directly to the GSM wireless networks for benefiting from lower mobile-to-mobile outgoing and incoming call rates. Companies of all sizes can save on Fixed-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-Fixed call costs, reduce transnational GSM Roaming charges, and cut infrastructure and telephony costs in a Multi-Office environment .

Delivers Flexibility and Scalability

The Given the systems' flexibility, modularity and scalability, these smart ISDN BRI GSM gateways can be pre-configured to meet precise customer requirements so companies can easily expand the cost-effective systems to meet their evolving telephony needs over time. Hypermedia Quad BRI GSM gateways HG-2000 are also available with PBX booster functionalities, i.e. PBX add-on applications & services including; SMS Server, Callback and more.


Key Features

  • Capacity:
    4 to 8 GSM channels (and/or CDMA)
    4 x BRI or 8 x BRI - 1 SIM or MultiSIM; 4 SIM cards per port
  • Configuration:
    Bi-directional calls (Inbound and Outbound calls)
    In-line connectivity (3-leg topology)
    LCR functionality
    SMS support (optional)
    Integrated antenna combiner

  • PBX Compatibility: with leading manufacturers worldwide

  • Chassis:
    3U x 19" size
    Rack-mountable design

  • Management & Control:
    Remote web-based

  • High voice quality

  • Fast and easy installation


  • Adding Cellular connectivity to existing PBX system to save money and lower costs
  • Add Least Cost Routing features to existing phone systems
  • Enhance the capabilities of legacy PBX and telephone systems



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