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Axacore FaxAgent Network Fax Server


The Axacore FaxAgent is a complete, business or carrier class network fax server. It was designed to meet the needs of mid-sized to large businesses, workgroups, or Service Providers and comes with all the necessary hardware and software to allow network users to send and receive faxes from multiple sources and provide tracking and billing.

The Axacore FaxAgent supports up to 480 lines

Product Information

Scalable Platform Ready to Deploy

FaxAgent is an embedded appliance designed to fax
enable your environment. The FaxAgent appliance is
tested and certified for carrier level environments. No
opera ng system or applica on so ware is required. The
appliance has a custom designed riser assembly for
Brooktrout Intelligent Fax Boards. The appliance is
shipped configured and ready to deploy.

Telephone Interfaces

FaxAgent supports analog, digital, and fax-over-ip
telephony interfaces. FaxAgent can be connected to T1
connec ons from carriers, PBX tie lines, FXS analog
circuits, FXO analog circuits with DID support, and T.38 Fax
Relay SIP/H323 enabled devices.

Secure Internet Transport

FaxAgent systems can be configured to send faxes directly
over any IP enabled network. This feature can dras cally
reduce costs by using the public internet as a secure
gateway or private transport.

Unlimited Users and Built-in Web Portal

FaxAgent uses a server based pricing model to simplify
licensing. The system includes unlimited user accounts
and system profiles. Administrators can use system
profiles to help configure fax delivery op ons. Custom
delivery templates can also be added to fine tune default
user preferences.

Integrated Security Providers

FaxAgent includes integrated security op ons for
Microso Ac ve Directory, IBM Lotus Notes, and other
standard LDAP service providers. FaxAgent can create new
accounts when users first logon to help with large scale

Powerful Document Rendering

Server based document rendering is critical. FaxAgent can
convert standard documents into fax ready format on the
server without the need to install any 3rd party applica on
so ware. File formats include: TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF,
FaxAgent also includes a client-side print driver that can be
used to render any printable file from the user's desktop or
installed applica on. The print driver is Citrix compa ble
and can be used privately or over the internet.
FaxAgent includes integrated security op ons for
Microso Active Directory, IBM Lotus Notes, and other
standard LDAP service providers. FaxAgent can create new
accounts when users first logon to help with large scale

Easy Outlook Integration

FaxAgent is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft
Outlook. Users will enjoy an integrated solu on providing
access to fax directory from the desktop, check the
real- me status of fax transmissions, receive inbound
faxes directly, and review fax status reports. FaxAgent also
includes a secure web client allowing users to interact with
the fax server over any private or public network. The web
client does not require any ActiveX or Java components.

Fault Tolerant Architecture

FaxAgent is designed to be fault-tolerant without the need
for complex cluster so ware. Administrators can define
one or more applica on servers to load-balance workloads
and guarantee up me. FaxAgent servers can work with
mainstream SANs, NAS storage servers, or direct-a ached
disk solu ons. FaxAgent uses a built-in workflow queuing
engine to handle even the most demanding transac on
based environments.

Fax-Over-IP Technology

FaxAgent is ready to use with your IP enabled PBX or voice
gateway. FaxAgent supports the latest technology op ons
for T.38 Fax Relay and works with SIP and H323 enabled
devices. FaxAgent host-based solu ons can be deployed
without the need for dedicated fax hardware. FoIP
support allows users to consolidate voice and fax traffic in
a common voice gateway or PBX. FaxAgent solu ons are
cer fied to work with: Cisco Routers and Universal
Gateways, AudioCodes Media Gateways, TelcoBridges
TMG Series Media Gateways, Dialogic Series IMG and
DMG Gateways, Adtran Total Access Voice Gateways, and
SIP/H323 compa ble devices.

Web Service SDK for Application Integration

FaxAgent includes web service interfaces to integrate with
external applica ons or billing systems. Built-in file
gateways allow fax requests to be picked up from network
loca ons. Delivery no fica ons can be sent guaranteed to
HTTP, FTP or EMAIL des na ons. Custom templates allow
the delivery meta data to be forma ed as need by target
endpoint schema.


Key Features

  • FaxAgent Corporate Edition
    FaxAgent Service Provider Edition
    FaxAgent PBX Integra on Module

  • Voice Media Gateway or soft switch

  • Telco PSTN circuit - Analog or Digital

  • Standard SIP Trunk interface

  • TDM or SIP/T.38/G.711 fax options

  • V.34, V.17, V.29, V.27, V.21 protocols

  • Fax Error Correc on - ECM

  • MMR, MR or MH compression

  • HTTPS Fax Delivery Protocol

  • Three year system warranty

  • Next business day replacement

  • Carrier cer fied chassis design

  • Telephone and email technical support

  • 64-BIT Quad Core Processor
    8 GB Registered ECC RAM
    Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interface
    Dedicated IPMI-KVM Support
    500 GB RAID Storage Array
    1U compact design - 14” deep

  • Windows Server Embedded
    Integrated Security and Firewall
    VMware Cer fied Appliance
    Citrix XenServer Application
    Microso Hyper-V Instance

  • Hot-swap removeable disk bays
    Integrated hardware RAID controller
    SMART disk drive monitoring
    Email alert no fica on for drive repair
    Dedicated system restore partition
    Expandable on NAS or iSCSI


  • Centralized Faxing for a company or organization
  • Provide Fax Services for Service Providers - Multi Tenant
  • Support High Density Fax Applications
  • Advanced fax billing and accounting
  • Replacement of out dated analog fax machines
  • Route incoming faxes directly to emplyees
  • Allow employees to fax from their desktops and laptops
  • Broadcast faxes to customers
  • Allow faxes to be converted to emails direct to your employees
  • Send faxes from your T.38 based equipment or service providers