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Netperformer says yes to all your Voice and Data Requirements

Say YES to Memotec NetPerformer Data and Voice Routers


Carriers, Service Providers and Businesses require high performance Data and Voice Routers. They know many choices are available in today's market, but the range of features and cost leave them searching for routers that say "Yes" to:


  • Support for T1, E1, J1 and Serial Network Interfaces including RS-232, RS-530, V.35 and X.21
  • Support for Microwave and Satellite Networks in Point to Point and Multi-Point Topologies with SkyPerformer® - SCPC and TDMA

  • Support for a low form factor - 2U High

  • Support for Analog Voice interfaces - FXO, FXS and E&M

  • Support for Digital Voice Interfaces - T1, E1, J1, PRI and BRI

  • Low power consumption - Less than 70 watts

  • AC or DC Power Supplies

  • Support for Legacy Data Protocols both Asynch and Synch - ENQ/ACK, XON/XOFF, transparent,PPP, BDLC, HDLC, SDLC, X.25, X.25 over Frame Relay annex F/G, COP, BSC, VIP, IBM/RJE, Uniscope, Poll/ Select, Siemens Nixdorf, JCA, Zengin, RFC-1490, UNI-DTE, UNI-DCE

  • Supports IP Routing and Bridging - IP RIP V1/V2 or Static, OSPF, NAT, IP Multicast IGMP V1/V2 PIM-DM, BootP/DHCP relay, DHCP client, IPX RIP and SAP, LLC2, 802.1p/q prioritization and VLAN, 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), MAC Layer

  • Supports FAX - FAX Relay: Group 3 FAX over PowerCell. Super G3 confi gurable to pass through or fallback to G3. Group 4 FAX and other non-voice bearer ISDN channel at 64K

  • Supports Modem Relay - V.32bis demodulation up to 14.4Kbps, STU-III secure phones over PowerCell, modem pass through (G.711) for other modems

  • Supports Voice traffic routing with alternates destinations and digits manipulation using local mapping tables, locally switched TDM calls (hairpin)

  • Supports Voice Signaling and Conversion - ISDN and QSIG T1/E1 PRI and BRI signaling: EuroISDN/ETSI, National and Japan, T1 signaling: robbed bit signaling, CCS transparent, SS7 transport with idle fi ltering and spoofing, E1 signaling: CAS, CCS transparent, SS7 transport with idle filtering, Digital CAS Signaling types: Immediate, Wink, FXO, FXS, FXO ground, FXS ground, E1/R2 (compelled, semi-compelled, DTMF), PLAR, custom (9230 only), Mu-law or A-law coding

  • Compliant  -  EMC - Emission FCC Part 15, Class B EN 55022:1998 + A1 + A2, AS/NZS CISPR22, EMC - Immunity EN 55024:1998 + A1 + A2, Safety IEC 60950-1, EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1, CSA C22-2 N°60950-1, AS/NZS 60950, Telecom - Digital FCC Part 68 + TIA-968-A, IC CS-03 Issue 9 - Part 2 and Part 6, AS/ACIF S016, AS/ACIF S038, TBR 1 + TBR 2, TBR 3, TBR4, TBR 12 + TBR 13, Telecom - Analog FCC Part 68 + TIA-968-A, IC CS- 03 Issue 8 - Part 1, AS/ACIF S002, TBR 15 + TBR 17, TBR 21

  • Lower Power Cost -  Up to 80% less power consumption compared to older technology


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