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Q: What is a Portech Cellular Gateway ?
A: Theses devices allow Analog Phone lines and VoIP devices to access the standard Cellular Networks just like a cell phone, but with many additional features and functionality.

Q: Can I hook a Portech Cellular Gateway to my IP PBX ?
A: Yes, the unit will register just like and other SIP Phone or ATA to your IP PBX. Once registered, it can become and extension or a Trunk. The unit will work with most any of todays SIP based IP PBX systems including Asterisk, Tribox, PBXnSIP, etc. You can also hook the Portech analog versions to a older Key or Hybrid Phone system via standard analog ports that you would normally connect to a phone line or phone.

Q: Can I use the Portech Cellular Gateway for VoIP Termination ?
A: Yes, the units have become an alternative solution to larger Cellular VoIP gateways and SIM servers. They are less visible to the Cellular providers since they have lower port counts. They are typically used with a centralized soft switch or even Asterisk systems.  If there is a problem with the provider or the unit is seized, the low investment cost in the unit does not impact the overall network or budget.

Q: What type of Cellular Networks are the Portech Cellular Gateways compatible with ?
A: Currently the  units are compatible with most any 2G GSM Network operating in the 850,900, 1800 or 1900 Mhz. They are Compatible with 3G and UMTS Networks. They are also compatible with CDMA 2000 using standard RUIM sims.

Q: What CODECS do the Portech Cellular Gateways support in VoIP  ?
A: They support G.711, G.729, G.732 and G.726.

Q: Does the Portech Cellular Gateway have a built in Router or Modem for the Internet ?
A: The VoIP version have an option for PPPoE or support Fixed IP or DHCP. There is a WAN and LAN port.  The LAN Port can be set to DHCP as well. The unit requires an external Router or DSL Modem. The two Ethernet ports (MV-372 and higher) can be set for transparent bridging as well. The LAN ports can be used to stack many units on top of each other by hooking the LAN port to the next units WAN port and so on.

Q: How do I manage and configure the Portech Cellular Gateway ?
A: The VoIP models have a built in web server so you can access with any standard Web Browser. The analog version or done by DTMF tones.

Q: Does the Portech Cellular Gateway have routing tables ?
A:  Yes, in the VoIP models there are 50 routing tables available for both the LAN to Mobile and Mobile to LAN. In the analog models there are 10.

Q: What is Single and Two Stage Dialing ?
A: When a call comes into the Portech Cellular gateway, in single stage dialing it will dial the number on the cellular side that it was presented with. In two stage dialing, when the call comes in it will give a Dial Tone no matter what number is attached and wait for the user to input DTMF tones. solutions to solve this problem.

Q: Does the Portech Cellular Gateway support CDR records ?
A: No, the unit typically looks to the IP PBX, Proxy or Soft Switch that it attaches to.

Q: What is the Dial Peer Server ?
A: The Dial Peer Server allows the Portech Cellular Gateways to look for available cellular channels when one is busy. This feature is built into the latest versions.

Q: Does the Portech Cellular Gateway support SMS ?
A: Yes, all models have a built in SMS gateway feature. You can send a SMS within the Web Browser management or via Telnet.

Q: How does the Portech Cellular Gateway work with NAT (Network Address Translation) ?
A: The unit can support NAT with built in features which include STUN and uPnP.

Q: Does the Portech Cellular Gateway support Call Back Service ?
A: Yes, up to 50 numbers can be programmed into the unit.

Q: What power options are available for the Portech Cellular Gateway ?
A: The unit comes with a Universal 90-230vac with 50/60 hertz power adapter.  The power puts out 12vdc which connect via a standard power socket. You can provide your own 12vdc if required. The MT-354 and MT-358 have a built in power supply and use a normal D style power cord.

Q: Can the Portech Cellular Gateways be rack mounted ?
A: The MV-370, MV-372 and MT-350 are desktop units only. They can be stacked on top of each other. The MV-374 and  MV-378 have optional rack mount kits if required. The MT-354 and MT358 come as a rack mount unit.



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