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International Calling Center Solution


Long distance calling rates between North America and Europe to Africa, Asia, and Latin America are very expensive. As a result, a large and lucrative business has sprung up providing discounted calling cards using Internet-based PSTN toll by-pass solutions. However, the next-generation networking equipment used to enable the Internet-based solutions cannot connect to the local telephone networks in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The signaling used in these regions is incompatible with the softswitches and VoIP gateways manufactured for the North American and European markets.


Emergent and incumbent carriers are looking for a cost effective way to connect their softswitches and VoIP gateways into an international exchange for calls to countries based on R2 and C7 signaling. They also want to scale up their networks as the demand for services increases. And, they want to untie expensive Class 5 switches from the role of protocol conversion and allow the ports to be deployed for higher-revenue generating customer services.

SignalPath™ provides the pivotal equipment needed to enable the deployment of softswitches and gateways in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The SignalPath™ 201 and 230 products are proven to connect internationally with a variety of softswitch and VoIP gateway vendors, and can be scaled to meet the varying sizes of in-country deployments.

The SignalPath™ 201 and 230 platforms provide scalable solutions for bridging the gap between the North American and European ISDN and SS7 softswitch and VoIP gateway interfaces connecting to foreign PSTN networks based on variants of R2 and C7. The SignalPath™ line of products seamlessly integrates with products from today’s leading softswitch vendors, such as Santera, Metaswitch, Taqua, and Quintum, as well as VoIP gateway products, such as Lucent’s MAX TNT and Cisco’s 5300/5400.

The SP201 converts up to four trunks of ISDN to four trunks of SS7 for handling call volumes of up to 92 simultaneous non-blocking sessions. The SP230 scales from four to 44 trunks, handling call volumes of up to 1,012 simultaneous non-blocking voice sessions. These devices provide a huge operational savings over a central offi ce-based solution.

SignalPath™ supports global signaling variants for both North American and international variants of ISDN and SS7, including R2, C7, R1, ANSI NI 2, and ETSI (Euro) ISDN


  • Connects a MAX TNT VoIP gateway to the local PSTN
  • Enables global discount calling card services
  • Enables discounted rates to Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia Pacific
  • Numerous international deployments, including:
    • Venezuela
    • Brazil
    • India
    • -Algeria



International Calling Center Solution



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