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Universal, Cost-Effective PBX/IP-PBX Solutions


Enterprise customers in Latin America are connecting to public telephone networks via expensive, hard to manage analog lines. They are looking to reduce costs and simplify network management by migrating their networks to digital facilities. Phone companies are under pressure to offload voice traffic from their end-office switches by migrating it from analog to digital trunks that are easier to deploy and manage.


  • Many telephone companies and service providers use PSTNs that rely on CAS signaling, which is incompatible with ISDN-based PBX and IP-PBX applications.
  • PBX and IP-PBX users want to connect their packet-based ISDN applications to R2 networks.
  • PBX and IP-PBX vendors want to make new services, such as voice messaging and video conferencing, available to their customers.
  • Constraints on capital spending are driving phone companies to maximize their voice switching assets by continuing to use their existing R2 digital facilities.
  • Network management tools for both the IP and PSTN networks need to be integrated on one platform to simplify network operations.

Now, PBX and IP-PBX resellers can take advantage of the synergy between PBX products and SignalPath™enterprise signaling adapters. IP PBX and PBX products provide connectivity to packet- based ISDN at the PBX sites, while the SignalPath™ 201-SA (SP201-SA) enables signaling conversion over digital networks based on R2. The SP201-SA is a cost-effective solution for completing the seamless transfer of voice and data traffic across legacy networks, offering many features:

  • Two models available
  • Very small footprint enables it to be easily co-located with PBX and IP-PBX equipment
  • Standard RJ48 and BNC connections
  • Supports up to four E1 ports on up to two trunks
  • Supports a large number of country-specific R2 variants
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • The SP201-SA is a IP PBX and PBX Approved Product
  • Designed to provide low-cost, end-to-end connectivity for the low-to-medium PBX/IP-PBX market
  • Opens new market opportunities in countries with networks based on legacy R2
  • Simple solution for bridging CAS and ISDN networks
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate voice and data lines
  • Consolidates system setup and administration onto a single management platform


Universal, Cost-Effective PBX/IP-PBX Solutions

Universal, Cost-Effective PBX/IP-PBX Solutions



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