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These products provide Signaling conversion and exchange for legacy protocols. This allows the life and ROI of older equipment to be utilized. These products also convert interfaces that may be associated with older signaling protocols. Signaling protocols include R1, R2, C5, V5.2, C7, SS7, ISUP, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, H.248, MEGACO, H.323, Qsig and many more.


Voice Signaling Converters

These products allow older TDM based voice networks to work with modern voice equipment where the signaling does not match. In countries using older protocols such as R1, R2 and ISDN PRI, many manufacturers in the USA may not have the protocol supported with no plans for development. Signaling converters also convert SS7/C7 to SIP since many VoIP gateways do not have that feature available.



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