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TelcoBridges TMG3200 Media Gateway for TDM PRI, SS7, C7 and VoIP


The TMG3200 is a high performance SS7 Media and VoIP gateway. A new generation media and VoIP gateway with advanced features including "Any to Any Switching", SS7/C7 direct termination and a green footprint with less than 140 watts fully loaded. Supports up to sixty four T1, D1 or J1 primary rate ISDN interfaces or one OC-3STM-1 or up to three DS-3s. Supports universal and wireless CODECs with T.38 FAX support.


Product Information

The Tmedia TMG3200 is a carrier-grade media SS7 gateway that meets the needs of service providers, solution developers, and system integrators looking to cost-effectively expand their network footprint and deploy enhanced value-added services. With the ability to easily add additional hardware capacity and functionality with field-upgradable modular hardware components, and perform software license upgrades without rebooting the system, the 1U form factor TMG3200 media gateway provides the reliability and responsiveness that leading-edge service providers require to deliver on their aggressive growth plans. A single TMG3200 media gateway unit provides capacity of 2,048 voice ports and the flexibility to mix and match TDM and IP across T1/E1/J1, DS-3 and OC-3/STM-1 interfaces. Whether sitting at the network core or the edge, the TMG3200 provides essential media gateway functionality allowing it to bridge TDM and IP networks, intermediate between various wireless, PSTN and IP voice protocols, and deliver hosted IP-PBX, Fax over IP, SIP trunking and other advanced services.

Leveraging the Toolpack™ media gateway software, on-board application server, and built in storage (compact flash drive or SATA disk), the TMG3200 media gateway provides a low footprint approach to developing and provisioning unique subscriber-specific services and value-added applications such as unified communications, ring-back tones, and prepaid /postpaid services. With separate chipsets for signaling, voice processing and interactive voice response (IVR), the TMG3200 media gateway provides true full channel availability.

Offering the industry-leading highest port density and the lowest operating cost for a media gateway in a 1U form factor, the TMG3200 media gateway easily scales as service uptake increases, with expansion cards for IVR, VoIP and TDM. With an average 2/3rds less power consumption than competing products of similar capacity, the TMG3200 media gateway supports the drive by service providers to reduce the environmental impact of their network footprint and increase their Green Credentials.


Key Features

  • Support for T1, E1, J1, DS-3, STM-1 or OC-3 TDM Interfaces
  • Support for multiple ‘any-to-any’ switching across multiple network interfaces and protocols from different carriers as well as transcoding support for all major wireline, wireless and internet codecs

  • Support for a low form factor - 1U  or 2U High

  • Direct termination of SS7/C7 Signaling

  • Low power consumption - Less than 140 watts

  • Call routing features - ANI and DNIS routing, Least Cost Routing, Nature of Address, Pre and Post routing digit manipulation and TDM to TDM, IP to TDM and IP to IP

  • IVR and FAX - Built in support for Voice Response and T.38

  • Carrier Grade - Full 99.999% reliability and NEBS Level 3 compliancy

  • Up to 50 Calls Per Second - Incredible BHCA capability

  • API Interface - Allow full integration with custom solutions and advanced applications

  • Lower Equipment Cost  -   An alternative to Cisco™ and AudioCodes™  without sacrificing quality

  • Lower Power Cost -  Up to 80% less power consumption compared to older technology


  • SIP Trunking
  • VoIP Termination
  • SIP to SS7/C7 conversion
  • Fax over IP
  • PSTN migration to VoIP
  • Hosted PBX applications
  • IP to IP Applications and Wholesale
  • Reduce power consumption with replacement of existing gateways