Airmux 200 Wireless IP and E1/T1 Microwave OFDM Radios

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Airmux 200, 400 and 5000 Wireless IP and Multiplexer Radios

Pulse Supply brings you Airmux

Pulse Supply is a worldwide supplier of enabling technologies for next generation networks. The Airmux wireless backhaul systems are no exception with incredible IP performance, reliability, distance and optional support for TDM. These radios are taking the world by storm because they work, easy to install and provide high speed bandwidth at an affordable price. Contact us today for more information, pricing and design support.

The new Airmux 5000 is here!

The new Airmux 5000 provides true Point to Multi-Point carrier class wireless IP!  Based on the powerful Airmux 400 technology and proven reliability, this radio will allow up to 16 remote sites true full duplex IP throughput, under 10ms latency and guaranteed throughput across all CPE's.  This is a true multi-point backhaul solution which separates it from traditional multi-point wireless bridges that poll each remote to transmit and receive data. Finally a real solution for Video and VoIP applications...  Read more

Read the Securing SLAs over Point to Multi-Point Wireless Networks White Paper


The new Airmux 400 Lite is here!

The Airmux-400L (Airmux-400 Lite) is a carrier-class radio supporting the 5.x GHz bands and complying with FCC, IC (Canada) regulations (factory default: 5.8 GHz FCC/IC). The multi-band radio is part of the Airmux-400L (Lite) series that delivers highest capacity and extended range for carrier’s backhaul needs.

Packing native TDM and Ethernet over a single wireless link, the Airmux-400L series provides 50 Mbps net aggregate throughput (up to 8T1/E1 plus Ethernet) at a range of up to 75 miles / 120 km. The Airmux-400L/ODU/F50F/EMB includes an embedded antenna and connectors for use with external antennas, offering a single Small Form Factor radio configuration...  Read more


Airmux 400

The Airmux-400 wireless multiplexer is a carrier-class, high capacity cost effective point-to-point transmission systems used to connect Ethernet, E1/T1 and Fractional Serial circuits between two distant sites over broadband wireless.

The Airmux-400 wireless multiplexer series combine legacy TDM and Ethernet services for transmission over 5.X GHz, 4.9 GHz, 3.x, 2.3, 2.5 and 2.4 GHz licensed-exempt bands. The Airmux-400 wireless multiplexer support up to 100 Mbps full duplex or 100mbps Asymmetric, with a theoretical maximum transmission distance of up to 120 kilometers (75 miles). Transmission is encrypted to ensure security.

Typical applications include service extension to remote/rural locations, cellular backhaul, emergency services and temporary deployment, wireless backup, voice traffic extension over wireless, and lossless hot spot backhauling.



  • Combine voice and data over a single link for reduced access costs
  • License exempt transmission enables fast and affordable deployment
  • Installation and alignment tools enable easy deployment
  • Save the costs of leased lines while extending services
  • Ideal solution for cellular backhaul applications and remote coverage areas
  • Extend legacy serial fractional circuits with RS-232, RS-530, RS-449, V.35 or X.21.
  • Provide disaster recovery and mobile links.
  • Provide backup links to primary equipment links such as Free Space Optics or Millimeter Wave.
  • and more...


Airmux Product Line
from Pulse Supply

Airmux 200 and 200e Wireless Broadband Radios

Airmux-200 indoor unit and outdoor unit with integrated antenna.


Airmux 400 Wireless Backhaul Multiplexer and Radio

Airmux-400 indoor unit and outdoor unit with integrated antenna.



Airmux 5000 Multi-Point Wireless Backhaul Multiplexer and Radio

Airmux-5000 indoor unit and outdoor unit with integrated antenna.