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ISDN over IP - Solution?

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Despite the rumors of IP-based networking and communications equipment declining, legacy products will be with us for a long time. Many products were based on a network of ISDN with BRI or PRI interfaces. Some of these products include video conferencing, encryption, point of sale, telemetry, PBX, and fax machines.

ISDN over Ethernet or IP - Solved 

Connecting legacy ISDN equipment to your existing IP network would save money. The cost savings obtained by using legacy equipment cannot be ignored, especially when you are trying to solve simple networking problems requiring limited features. Moving to a newer IP-based solution may increase features you don't need and the cost rises dramatically.


Introducing the PacketBand ISDN over IP network appliance. The PacketBand appliance delivers transparent switched ISDN services across packet networks. All ports are synchronized with central, or network clocks, providing a fully clock-locked environment across asynchronous packet networks - no there is no data loss due to free-running and slipping clocks. This system provides ISDN over Ethernet/IP networks for both voice and, more critically, data applications.


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PacketBand ISDN - Solution - Front and Rear View


The PacketBand-ISDN Network model provides an important and unique method for transporting ISDN traffic across packet networks. For some types of devices, it is the only reliable and error-free solution.


ISDN networks from carriers deliver clocked transparent 64k channels which can transport any type of traffic anywhere in the world; PacketBand does the same. ISDN "B" channels are set up dynamically across the packet network giving inter-connectivity between any device, and can "break out" into the global ISDN PSTN, accessing any other device worldwide.


All PacketBands are locked and synchronized to the network clock via an advanced clock-recovery system ensuring reliable slip-free services for all applications. This means not only can high-quality voice be transported over low-cost packet networks using existing PBXs, but so can synchronous applications such as videoconference units, voice codecs, encryptors, fax machines, PoS terminals, etc.


Not only does PacketBand deliver high-quality clock-locked transparent channels as and when needed, but it also has great flexibility in terms of adding CLIs for billing, converting numbers, and alternate routing and resiliency options.


For larger networks a low-cost SIP Server solution is available. If you are a carrier looking to deliver reliable ISDN equipment to customers, a military, governmental, or broadcast organization needing to transport or distribute synchronous ISDN, or perhaps in another vertical or a corporate with some specific ISDN/IP issues, PacketBand may be able to assist.



PacketBand ISDN satellite application


PacketBand ISDN over Satellite - Solved


Summary Points


BRI and PRI over IP Networks - Solved

  • 4-wire “S” interface (NT or TE)
  • 2-wire “U” interface (NT-User presentation))
  • US-ANSI and Euro-ETSI ISDN available
  • Field-upgradeable to support additional PRI port
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Base Ethernet ports
  • 1 x 1GE SFP cage
  • Internal AC and DC power options
  • Power Feed (Phantom Power) on “S” interfaces
  • Transmits all/any data and voice protocols over packet networks
  • Totally transparent to all data formats
  • All PacketBands and interfaces locked to the same clocks
  • SIP Server option for centralized call routing
  • Various clocking options with high-quality clock recovery
  • Any “B” channel can dial any other on the packet network, or “break-out/in” to the PSTN via a PRI/BRI “gateway”
  • Provides low-cost migration to IP networks for legacy equipment
  • Low data overheads
  • Configurable packet size
  • Compensates for “jitter” or packet delay variation
  • Re-orders packets
  • Very low latency or processing delay
  • Local Ethernets support Rate Limiting
  • Quality of Service (QoS) options
  • VLAN and Double VLAN tagging
  • Full cross-connectivity
  • a-Law to μ-Law conversion
  • Support for contention or over-booking
  • Call Progress Tone generation
  • Number manipulation/conversion/LCR
  • Automatic Primary/Secondary/Tertiary routes
  • Routing profiles can be scheduled at different times of the day/week
  • ISDN Layer 2 and Layer 3 message capture and log for analysis
  • Easy and intuitive to configure via GUI management package
  • Very attractive pricing
  • Compact table-top with optional rack-mount extenders




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