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  • E3 CSU/DSU with 2 selectable data ports
  • HSSI or V.35/EIA-530 data port for a variety of data equipment
  • Selectable data port clock rates for flexible connectivity
  • Embedded SNMP and Telnet for advanced network management
  • Extensive monitoring of line and path performance
  • Economical access to T3/E3 Frame Relay services



The DataSMART T3/E3 IDSU (Intelligent Data Service Unit) provides economical and flexible access for high-speed data networking. The DataSMART T3/E3 IDSU provides powerful access for bandwidth-intensive Frame Relay and high-speed router applications. With a selectable T3 or E3 network interface, the DataSMART IDSU supports worldwide enterprise applications. And with a HSSI and V.35/EIA-530/X.21 data port, the versatile IDSU supports almost any data requirement.

For maximum flexibility, these data ports support both full T3/E3 bandwidth and variable clock rates in Nx.5 Mbps increments. These variable clock rates allow users to control the amount of bandwidth utilized.

Ideal for carrier backbone connectivity, this IDSU can support router and Frame Relay backbone applications. The DataSMART IDSU is also ideal for enterprise networks requiring increased bandwidth for Internet and corporate LAN access traffic.