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Security & Access

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Security and Access has become an important issue to companies and organizations around the world and we don't mean Network and Internet access. The physical building in which many organizations conduct their day to day operations is at risk. Not only from the outside, but from within. In order to address this issue the organization needs a way to determine not only if someone should be within the building, but allow them only access to where they are authorized. The key to solving this problem is biometric access and control systems. With the proper system, not only can you provide these necessary restrictions but provide other benefits like advanced time and attendance management.

Pulse Supply is a leader in providing this technolgy with its COSEC attendance and access systems. This total solution provides a complete solution from the management and reporting software to advanced biometric access devices that can support up 1 million users.



Software Overview

cosecplatformWeb based applications are the ultimate way to take advantage of today's technology to enhance organizations productivity & efficiency. The COSEC Platform is an enterprise-grade, web-enabled application server which controls and manages the entire system and gives opportunity to access all the time-attendance information from anywhere in the world at any time.

COSEC PLATFORMs are available in four variants, targeted to the different business segments. These PLATFORMs comes with basic time-attendance and access control features and its modular nature allows user to add other application module depending on the organizational requirements. Its scalability option allows user to expand the system from 1 user to 1 million users.


Real-Time Monitoring of Devices

This feature offers real-time monitoring and control facility to monitor status of up to 65,000 door controllers, alarm input and output ports and generated events. Moreover, an administrator can control alarms, lock or unlock door, enable or disable door sense and other access control features from a single window.


User Profile Creation

HR can easily create full fledge user profile using COSEC platform. User enrollment can be done using enrollment station. Fingerprint verification and creating dual fingerprint templates is also possible. HR can create various functions like assigning door controller to user, deleting user or maintaining user related database.



COSEC enrollment software allows user to enroll directly from the USB based enrollment station. This software gives facility for showing finger image while enrollment, verify finger and capture user photograph directly from the software.


Device Configuration

Any new additional hardware like door controller or COSEC Panel Lite can be configured with various parameters.


Basic Time-Attendance and Access Control

Many organizations require only basic attendance system which gives in/out events and simple access control. For such limited applications, they do not want to purchase or pay for advanced modules. The COSEC PLATFORM offers basic time-attendance and access control features required for such applications and gives option to add more modules in future.


Export and Import data

System gives facility to export and import data from third party software. With export data generation utility, admin can create different templates with programmable data fields which can be exported from the system in different formats like CSV, Text, Excel and XML to ERP, Tally, HRM or Payroll as an input.


COSEC Platform Variants















Hardware Overview

Time Attendance/Access Control door controllersCOSEC Time Attendance/Access Control door controllers are the brain of this revolutionary biometric system. This fingerprint access control system allows only authorized users that are on the premises, and it registers both their entry and exit times. If you want a time and attendance management system that offers superb reliability, this system is unmatched. The door controllers come in numerous models, with various interface options and advanced connectivity to meet your needs. They are designed with high-quality standards in mind, to address the current and future attendance monitoring needs of companies large and small. 


Elegant Design

  • 128x64 LCD Display and Touch Sense Keypad
  • Audio Visual Indications
  • Award Winning Design
  • Pluggable Card Reader Module


Fast and Accurate Fingerprint Identification

  • 1:1 and 1:N Verification
  • Identification in less than One Second


Better Storage Capacity

  • 9600 Fingerprint Templates
  • 50,000 Events Storage


Versatile Reader

  • Fingerprint, RFID Card Reader, and PIN
  • HID iCLASS, EM Prox, Mifare, and HID Prox
  • Optical Fingerprint Reader
  • Proximity and Smart Card Reader


Easy Operation and Installation

  • Easy Back Plate Mounting
  • Leverage Existing Network Infrastructure
  • Minimum Wiring
  • Network Operation and Standalone
  • User Friendly, Easy and Fast Operations


Enhanced Connectivity Options

  • 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, UMTS, GPRS, and USB
  • RS-485 and Ethernet
  • Wireless Connectivity or Wired


Various Interfaces

  • Door Sense and Door Relay
  • Exit Switch and Exit Reader
  • Output Port and Auxiliary Input



















Network Application

COSEC Network application













Standalone Application

stand alone COSEC application




pvr connectivity diagram



cosec fmx banner





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