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Power Systems

At the heart of any communications network is a power source. The network simply cannot run without it. Pulse Supply has the power products you need to backup your network for zero down time. We provide AC and DC distribution, batteries and battery rack systems, inverters, converters and UPS backup. Serving virtually every industry from core telecom and data networks to local retail stores, let Pulse make a recommendation for your backup power. 

.NorthStar Rack.                     Northstar RedA               APC Back UPS BE650G1                  

Pulse Supply partners with many manufacturers such as NorthStar, Schneider Electric, Enersys and many more.

NorthStar Red
NorthStar Red High Temp
NorthStar Blue
NorthStar Rack Portfolio

Schneider Electric-APC BE650
Schneider Electric-APC BK500