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  • Innovative and intelligent solution for DS3 deployment
  • When equipped with controller cards (1184002L1), delivers three DS3 interfaces from an OC-3 at a competitive price
  • Space-saving 1U high
  • Fits both 19-inch and 23-inch racks
  • All 75 Ohm BNC connectors, alarm contacts, power connector, BITS timing and Ethernet are accessed on the rear of the chassis
  • Meets the GR-253 standard optical interface requirements of -8 to -34 dBm
  • -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C operating range



ADTRAN�s Total Access � Services group has combined the Total Access OPTI-3 � OC-3 Multiplexer with the ADTRAN Total Access MX2800 � M13 Multiplexer and the ADTRAN NIU-3 DS3 NIU in a single Outside Plant (OSP) Cabinet to create the ADTRAN Total Access Cell Site Cabinet.

The Total Access OPTI-3 provides a cost-effective, interoperable and compact solution for delivering DS3 services via SONET-based OC-3 fiber interfaces. The Total Access OPTI-3 delivers three DS3 services from a SONET multiplexer operating in the terminating mode. The Total Access MX2800 uses one DS3 from the Total Access OPTI-3 and delivers up to 28 DS1s to complement two DS3s available from the Total Access OPTI-3. The NIU-3 allows full diagnostic and loopback test capability to the customer premises. The cost-effective delivery of multiple DS3s and DS1s combined in an OSP cabinet provides an ideal solution for today�s higher bandwidth needs for data and voice traffic at cell sites.

In this application a Total Access Cell Site Cabinet is delivered from a Central Office (CO) that contains a SONET Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM). The CO delivers an OC-3 signal to the Cell Site Cabinet via an OC-3 fiber connection. Upon receiving the OC-3 signal from the CO, the Total Access OPTI-3 demuxes the signal into the three DS3 signals. Two of the DS3 signals are available for cellular providers in the Cell Site, while the third DS3 is used by a Total Access MX2800 to provide 28 DS1s. By combining leading-edge technology to solve bandwidth delivery issues, ADTRAN has provided a compact and cost-effective solution for delivering DS3 and DS1 services to cell sites.

The Total Access Cell Site Cabinet using ADTRAN innovative solutions, the Total Access OPTI-3 OC-3 Multiplexer, the Total Access MX2800 M13 Multiplexer, and the NIU-3 provides cost-effective solutions for bandwidth delivery to cell sites.