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  • Redundant Internet or IP Access
  • High Availability Network Solution performs Multi-Link Monitoring with Automatic Fail-Over ensuring 100% Internet availability
  • Intelligent Session Load Balancing for Efficient Traffic Management and Bandwidth Optimization
  • Aggregates Multiple WAN Links for Up To 100 Mbps of Total Bandwidth
  • Multi-Homing over Redundant WAN Links for Maximum Network Reliability
  • VPN Tunnel Failover and Backup
  • Web Interface for Easy Management & Configuration
  • Quick Software Upgrades via Flash Memory
  • Toll-free - no charge 24 x 7 Tech support
  • 5 Year Spare-in-the-Air Warranty



New solutions now enable small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to protect their critical data against unplanned business interruptions for a fraction of the previous costs.

In todays world, organizations are placing more and more critical applications over the web, like financial transactions, orders, Oracle, SAP, Video, VoIP. When outages occur, losses and business flow disruption can be staggering. Even lost email during an outage can result in huge financial losses. Not to mention your customers not being able to get to you when your Internet connection is down. The days of a single Internet connection are over. Most organizations, if presented properly will quickly agree that redundant access at a reasonable price is something they need and it will save them money and lost business. So ask yourself, Have you considered a low cost, redundant Internet access strategy? Well, we can help you with that.

Calculate what it would cost for an 8 hour outage at peak business hours. (8 hours per year is the average outage time for T1 connections in the US). Once you've come up with a number that you feel comfortable with, it becomes a relatively simple R.O.I. decision. Not only does a PowerLink Pro solution guarantee uptime, it also eliminates link congestion and bottlenecks associated with a single ISP strategy. Further, our QoS traffic management features of our Pro100 / Pro200 products guarantee minimum bandwidth to specific applications such as VoIP and Video.

So what is PowerLink ?

PowerLink is a multihoming Internet access appliance, an Internet gateway if you will, that sits between your LAN and WAN. In this position it allows you to connect 2 or more ISPs to your network for the purposes of:

WAN link failover / Internet high availability

WAN traffic load balancing both in and out of your network for bandwidth aggregation of up to 100 mbps (Pro100/ Pro200) Further, PowerLink has redundant hardware failover and monitoring capabilities for mission critical applications that require redundant hardware design, thus eliminating all potential single points of failure.