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  • Gigabit Ethernet-over-Channelized STM-1/OC-3
  • 32 or 42 remote LANs over n x E1 or n x T1 circuits respectively
  • 63 or 84 remote LANs over E1 or T1 circuits respectively
  • 126 remote LANs over fractional E1/T1 circuits Aggregates and switches Gigabit Ethernet traffic over channelized STM-1/OC-3:
  • Connects up to 84 remote sites over E1/T1 lines or bonded n x E1/T1- Connects up to 126 remote sites over fractional E1 or T1
  • Enables scalable provisioning from a fractional E1/T1 to bonded n x E1/T1 channels
  • Provides QoS utilizing four priority queues per 802.1p, DSCP and IP Precedence Enables transparent Ethernet services utilizing VLAN tagging and stacking
  • Lower equipment and maintenance costs than existing alternatives SNMP management



The Egate-100 Gigabit Ethernet-over-Channelized STM-1/OC-3 Gateway interconnects TDM and packet networks. This unique capability enables service providers and enterprises to provide scalable transparent Ethernet services at granular rates from fractional E1 or T1 to high-bandwidth n x E1/T1 channels.

The Egate-100 is typically situated in a central location, aggregating Ethernet user traffic received from remote devices. Because the Egate-100 functions as a bridge operating over an SDH/SONET environment, service providers can achieve a seamless interconnection between customers connected over the TDM network and customers connected over the packet network while maintaining the same service level attributes, thus completing a full access solution from the service provider central site to the customer premises.

Differentiated services can be supported on the VLAN and IP layer through classification to four queues forwarding and prioritization, according to 802.1p, DSCP and IP Precedence schemes. The Egate-100 associates a bridge port and a TDM interface (a bundle of time slots, a clear channel E1/T1 or a group of bonded E1/T1 channels), in effect creating a virtual port interconnecting the packet and the TDM networks. Using the VLAN tagging and stacking (Q-in-Q) option, a special provider VLAN is added to the user traffic. This allows transporting the user traffic transparently, keeping all the user VLAN settings intact, and enables a seamless hand-off to the packet network.

VLAN switching permits specific VLANs to be forwarded to virtual ports, while blocking others. This enables defining different traffic profiles for members of different VLAN domains. Management traffic is given a common profile, creating one broadcast domain in which all users are managed over a single VLAN. Assigned different VLANs, management and user traffic are kept securely separated.

Egate-100 is a compact 1U high, half 19-inch wide, standalone device in a metal enclosure. Its channelized STM-1/OC-3 uplink is available with SFP optical and electrical modules. The Gigabit Ethernet port is available with 1000BaseT or 1000BaseSX/LX interface. An optional dedicated 10/100BaseT management port, as well as an RS-232 port, are available for direct connection to the management system.