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VMUX 210

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  • Compresses up to 30 FXS voice lines over an E1/T1, serial or IP link
  • Up to 16:1 voice compression, along with silence suppression and TDMoIP multiplexing, for maximal bandwidth savings
  • More bandwidth efficient than standard VoIP Compatible with all types of VSATs
  • Transparent to all signaling protocols and telephony features
  • Enhanced relay mechanisms for fax/ modem/DTMF/special tones
  • Additional 10/100BaseT port with voice/data prioritization
  • Local and remote management via ASCII terminal, Telnet, or RV-SC/Vmux



The Vmux-210 analog voice trunking gateway functions as a channel bank, providing LAN and compressed voice services over Ethernet and TDM networks.

Employing powerful voice compression algorithms as well as TDMoIP� technology, the Vmux-210 analog voice trunking gateway can compress up to 30 analog voice ports, while providing a second Ethernet port for LAN connectivity. When deployed with other Vmux voice trunking products, the Vmux-210 significantly reduces the number of leased lines needed to transport voice and data payloads.

Compatible with all types of VSATs, the Vmux-210 also serves as a cost-effective solution for broadband satellite communications. For offshore call centers and multi-site applications, the Vmux-210 economically extends analog lines and LANs to remote sites.

Vmux-210 is a remote voice trunking gateway for both IP and leased line TDM networks, providing LAN and compressed voice services for corporate applications that require a large number of analog lines for POTS or fax connections. It is a customer-located device that is deployed with RAD's larger modular Vmux-2100 system for the central office.

Voice compression for analog linesVmux-210 analog voice trunking gateway compresses voice traffic and transports it over a serial link, E1/T1 link, or a 10/100BaseT IP uplink. The device employs G.723.1, G.729 Annex A and G.711 compression algorithms together with RAD's unique TDMoIP multiplexing, including transparent CAS.

Voice activity detection and silence suppressionVoice activity detection (VAD) and silence suppression allow Vmux units to dynamically allocate bandwidth for voice traffic. Efficient bandwidth usage leaves more bandwidth for data transport. LAN data traffic can be controlled with rate limiting.

The gateway is transparent to all signaling protocols and telephony features. Vmux-210 can be configured and monitored via a local ASCII terminal, Telnet, or RV-SC/Vmux.

Vmux-210 is a compact, 1U-high, 19-inch-wide unit that can be mounted in standard 19-inch racks. The voice interface options include 12, 15, 24, or 30 FXS analog ports. The unit is available with either AC or DC power supply.