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ESU 120e

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  • Modular E1 multiplexer
  • 75 ohm BNC and 120 ohm DB-15 metallic E1 network interface on ESU 120e
  • Network interface compliant with G.703, G.704, and G.828
  • Single DB-25 DTE interface supports V.35, V.36, X.21/V.11, or RS-530
  • G.703 add/drop interface for PBX connectivity
  • 10BaseT Ethernet interface for SNMP or Telnet management
  • Single expansion slot
  • Customer interface modules support Frame Relay, high-speed data, and dial backup
  • PC-based configuration support via T-Watch PRO software
  • Auto ranging power supply 90 VAC to 240 VAC IEC connector 50-60 Hz
  • The ESU Series is currently approved for use in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Mexico. Call Pre-Sales Applications Engineering at 888-785-7393 for up-to-date approval information.



The ADTRAN ESU 120e� is a modular, full featured E1-Fractional E1 Multiplexer that supports a wide range of end-user applica-tions. Providing a flexible data port and a G.703 Drop port, the ESU 120e supports international applications combining digital voice and high-speed data. For application flexibility, the ESU 120e can utilize most ADTRAN TSU family data modules in the single expansion slot. The embedded Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows for complete monitoring and control over the ESU 120e through both a SLIP and a 10BaseT Ethernet interface.

A key feature of the ESU 120e is the support of future growth through the unit�s single expansion slot. End-user upgradeable expansion modules allow for the connec-tivity of up to four additional DTE devices. These expansion modules and plug-on modules allow for several interface port combinations, including the integration of Frame Relay over E1 facilities and the ability to implement Dial Backup in case of E1 line failure. To add to the unit�s flexibility, an IP/IPX router module is available, allowing the support of integrated routing for branch office connectivity or Internet access. The large variety of available expansion modules allow the ESU 120e to tailor fit most any voice and data application requirements.

The unit has several built-in test func-tions for testing and trouble shooting the ESU 120e and the E1 circuit. Users can effectively isolate problems within the E1 circuit by utilizing standard loopback tests, DTE tests, network interface tests and test patterns found in the ESU 120e. For addi-tional troubleshooting, the unit supports external test equipment through bantam jack access. In case of an E1 failure or other major unit or network alarms, the ESU 120e supports SNMP Traps and Alarms to the host workstation and, if necessary, dial-outs to pagers.

The configuration and management of the ESU 120e is available through a variety of methods. The ESU 120e supports SNMP with Gets, Sets, and Traps functionality through a built-in agent. ADTRAN MIBs support management for the ESU 120e and all installed expansion modules. For access to SNMP features, the ESU 120e has both a 10BaseT Ethernet and a SLIP connec-tion.

In addition to SNMP, the unit utilizes the management capabilities found in optional software products from ADTRAN. For Windows� 95 or NT, the popular T-Watch PRO� software pack-age facilitates easy configuration and mon-itoring of the ESU 120e. For more complex network manage-ment systems, ADTRAN�s ADVISION� operates on an SNMP enterprise manage-ment system such as HP OpenView� and provides full GUI configuration and control via SNMP.