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  • Converts one BRI U-Interface into two S/T-Interfaces
  • Supports multiple switch vendors, including Lucent, NEC, Nortel, and Siemens and National ISDN-1
  • Modular network interface 56/64k, T1/FT1, and T1/FT1 with DSX-1
  • Ideal for videoconferencing applications
  • Provides U-Interface lightning protection
  • LED display to indicate power and network status
  • Responds to Quiet Mode and Insertion Loss Test
  • Includes 120 VAC power supply
  • Standard five-year warranty
  • Available in a 3 or 4 Port model



The NT1 ACE� provides the network termination for 2B1Q ISDN basic rate service. The NT1 ACE provides a 2B+D basic rate interface between the subscriber's terminal equipment and the ISDN network. Basic rate ISDN consists of two 64 kbps B channels and a single 16 kbps D channel. Connection to the ISDN network is made with a U interface. Connection to the subscriber's terminal equipment is by an S/T interface. The U and the S/T interfaces conform to ANSI and CCITT standards and perform all Layer functions. The NT1 ACE is designed with aesthetics as well as functionality in mind. The unit is enclosed in an attractive, durable plastic housing appropriate for desk-top use.

The NT1 ACE is powered by the wall-mount power supply included with the unit. The wallmount power supply provides up to 8.9 W power for terminal equipment. The NT1 ACE monitors the S/T interface for overcurrent fault conditions. In the event of such a condition, the unit automatically limits the amount of delivered current until the fault condition is removed. As many as eight passive bus devices may be connected to the S/T interface of the NT1. These connections can be in one of the following two modes: multiple terminals within 50 meters of each other over the full 1,500 meter range of the interface, or multiple terminals of arbitrary spacing within 200 meters. Also, termination impedance options include 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm, or unterminated. The NT1 ACE is protected from lightning and harmful line transients on the network interface. Three LED status indicators on the NT1 ACE aid in fault isolation. Indicators display the status for Power, Network Ready, Network and Customer Errors.