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WAN optimization: Easy?

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Nothing has been more complex than optimizing your Wide Area Network. Your existing routers and firewalls appear to have options for WAN optimization, but the complexity and support costs are extensive. They don't give you the extensive, simplified tools to see what is truly happening on your network or they simply don't drill down far enough to let you know who the true offenders might be.

 WAN Optimization - Made Easy

Most organizations have a large problem, they continue to throw more and more bandwidth at their networks. It appears to be a simple solution for the problem and users stop complaining for the moment. The problem is no matter how much bandwidth you add, the demand will fill it.


The expense of adding additional bandwidth and hardware will eventually show up on the balance sheet. You don't want to walk into another meeting to let them know your solution is adding more bandwidth. It's time to address the problem with a modern solution. A dedicated optimization appliance that provides simplified operation and installation while it maintains complex technology and features.


Unified Performance Management (UPM) is the answer with a single appliance at each location. It's that easy and Exinda is the leader. They solved the problem and made it affordable. These UPM appliances supporting from 20Mbps to 10Gbps of WAN bandwidth. The minute you attach them between your network router and switches they go to work and provide you incredible graphical information. Click a button and it's immediately lowering priority on the most common bandwidth wasting applications.



By dramatically simplifying WAN optimization, Exinda empowers organizations to improve application performance, lower network operating costs, defer costly bandwidth upgrades and increase productivity by reducing the time employees spend waiting for slow applications to respond.

Exinda UPM Appliances for IP Optimization and Application Acceleration









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