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  • HDTV and SD over IP
  • Compact Broadcast-quality H.264 HP@L4 HD Including HP@L3 SD
  • Data Stream Protection with Advanced FEC/ARQ
  • Simulcast HD/SD 4:2:0 Content in Dual Channels
  • VoIP Full Duplex Communication
  • Real-time HD/SD Content Delivery over IP Networks at Very Low Data Rate
  • Low Encode-Decode Latency Mode as Low as 400 ms
  • Compact 1U High Chassis
  • UL, CE, FCC, RoHS Certifications



The Fujitsu IP-900 HD/SD encoder utilizes advanced H.264 encoding for bandwidth efficient real-time transmission of digital media content over IP networks.

The compact, rugged and lightweight IP-900 is ideal for fixed and mobile applications. The low encode-decode latency of less than 400ms makes it well suited for remote news capture and live-event applications.

Utilizing advanced H.264 HP@L4 image processing algorithms, the IP-900 produces exceptional video performance over IP contribution and distribution networks. High performance H.264 compression algorithms reduce the streaming bit rate by about 50% compared to MPEG-2 systems while preserving video fidelity. HD content can now be transported over existing private or public IP network as low as 1 Mbps.

Powerful error correction and retransmission (FEC/ARQ) technology enables the IP-900 to transmit a robust, error free transport stream across private and public IP networks.