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  • Extended E3, T3, and HSSI (signal range up to 70 km/44 miles) is enabled by operating a pair of FOMi-E3 or FOMi-T3 units
  • Wide range of modular interfaces supported
  • Fiber-optic redundancy for better service availability
  • FOMi-E3 can work opposite RAD's Optimux - XLE1 and Optimux - XLE1/16
  • Configuration, monitoring and diagnostics are performed via an ASCII terminal or an SNMP management station
  • Transparent framing for E3/T3/HSSI signals
  • Different clock modes for different applications supported
  • Station clock option is available for synchronizing on a central system clock
  • Range of power sources supported, power supply redundancy offered
  • Front panel indicators display power and input signal status and test and alarm status
  • Available as a compact 1U (44 mm) high standalone unit, designed for 19" rack mounting. Also available as a card version for the LRS - 12/24 SNMP managed rack


  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 are intelligent fiber-optic modems designed for the transmission of E3 (34.368 Mbps), T3 (44.736 Mbps) or HSSI (at the same speeds) signals over multimode and single mode fiber-optic media.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 utilize modular components for the fiber-optic links, electrical interface, and station clock.
  • FOMi-E3 or FOMi-T3, with E3 or T3 electrical interfaces, are available with an additional station clock to allow the modem to be synchronized with a central system clock. The station clock E1 and T1 inputs are 2.048 Mbps and 1.544 Mbps, respectively.
  • Four models are available:
    • FOMi-E3 - The E3 interface internal timing clock operates at a rate of 34.368 Mbps, and utilizes HDB3 encoding/decoding. The connectors are 2 shielded BNC connectors with 75W impedance (unbalanced).
    • FOMi-T3 - The T3 interface internal timing clock operates at a rate of 44.736 Mbps, and utilizes B3ZS encoding/decoding. The connectors are 2 shielded BNC connectors with 75W impedance (unbalanced).
    • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 - HSSI interface is available with an E3 (34.368 Mbps) or a T3 (44.736 Mbps) internal clock, operating at effective data rates of full, 1/2 or 1/4 internal clock rate. The HSSI model contains an HSSI interface card that acts as an ECL/TTL transceiver and as a DCE interface. The HSSI model does not support the Station Clock option. The connector is a SCSI 50 female, with 110W impedance. For any of the electrical modules, the modem is transparent to framed signals.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 comply with ITU-T, G.703, G.921 and G.956 standards.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 use fiber-optic technology to extend the transmission range of digital data communications, increase data security, and provide immunity to electrical interference and signal noise problems.
  • Electrical signals are converted to optical signals via optical interface cards using infrared LED or laser transmitters. On the receiving end, the optical signals are reconverted to electrical signals, and amplified to the required output level.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 support a wide range of optical interfaces that operate at various wavelengths (850 nm, 1300 nm and 1550 nm) and support a variety of physical connectors (ST, FC-PC and SC).

    Unique optical interfaces available:

    • 1550 nm: Extends transmission range to more than 70 km/44 miles
    • WDM module: enables transmission over single fiber, reducing the cost of an optical infrastructure.
  • The modems can be ordered with dual fiber-optic interfaces allowing full redundancy on the link transmission. A switchover mechanism is activated immediately upon detection of low optical levels on one of the dual optical links.
  • FOMi-E3 can work opposite RAD TDM multiplexers: Optimux - XLE1 or Optimux XLE1/16 which multiplex a combination of E1 and Ethernet ports into a single fiber-optic link or up to 16 E1s.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 are intelligent modems that offer remote management features using an in-band channel through the fiber link. This allows modem configuration, as well as diagnostics from a remote location, while not interfering with current data transmission.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 are managed via an ASCII terminal. Local and remote FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 configuration, device status, and diagnostic procedures are performed from the terminal interface.
  • FOMi-E3 and FOMi-T3 are also available as cards for the LRS - 24 19" SNMP managed rack. The LRS - 24 rack can accommodate up to 12 modem cards with no redundancy. If the modems have a redundant fiber optic link, a fewer number of cards is supported. To determine the exact number of cards supported with redundancy, contact your local FOMi-E3, FOMi-T3 distributor. FOMi-E3 card or FOMi-T3 card enable connection to central SNMP management and save cost and space at the central office.
  • RADview, RAD's SNMP network management system, enables management of multiple LRS - 24 hubs and the attached remote units. The remote units can be other FOMi-E3 or FOMi-T3 units or Optimux units