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Frame Relay

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Atlas 550 T1/PRI/Frac

A Integrated Access Device supporting Frame Relay and up to 18 ports. Optional modules include T1, PRI, Nx56/64 Data and analog/digital voice. AC power Supply.

Atlas 890 E1/T1/T3/PRI

A high density Integrated Access Device supporting Frame Relay up to 64 ports. Optional modules include T3, T1, E1, PRI, Nx56/64 Data, Ethernet, Inverse Multiplexing and analog/digital voice. AC or DC power Supply.

Net Performers E1/T1/Frac

A high performance line of proven Frame Relay Access Devices. Scalable Chassis for Voice and Data. T1, E1, RS-232, V.35, X.21, RS-530, Analog and Digital Voice. Optional Satellite, ATM and IP software. AC or DC power Supply.