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Express 6503

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  • FRF.5 and FRF.8 Frame Relay PVC to ATM interworking
  • High-speed G.SHDSL WAN interface
  • V.35 or X.21 synchronous serial interface to connect Frame Relay router
  • Symmetrical data rates from 192 Kbps to 2.304 Mbps
  • In-band management over Embedded Operations Channel (EOC)
  • In-band SNMP management
  • AC Power



G.shdsl is the newest DSL technology targeted at the small to medium sized business market. Approval of the standard by the ITU-T in early February, 2001 cleared the way for service providers worldwide to deploy the technology, which combines the spectral, reach, and interoperability benefits of ANSI HDSL2 and ETSI SDSL. With the Express 6503, carriers can offer enterprise customers a unique customer premise solution for utilizing existing frame relay routers while taking advantage of the benefits offered by G.shdsl transport. G.shdsl delivers symmetric data rates up to 2.3 Mbps over a single copper pair at up to 30 percent greater distances and at a 35 to 45 percent higher data rate than 2B1Q-based SDSL, and it's rate adaptive. Its TC-PAM modulation technique ensures spectral compatibility with other DSLs deployed in the same binder group.

The Express 6503 is a serial(DTE) to G.shdsl data service unit designed for small offices and branch offices to provide cost-effective access to high-speed G.shdsl services. The Express 6503 preserves the customer's investment in existing business class routers, allowing them to take advantage of next generation ATM applications. It offers an excellent cost-effective migration path utilizing ATM and Frame Relay over G.shdsl without having to replace existing networking equipment.

The Express 6503 provides small offices and branch offices with fast, affordable, and easy to use access to the Internet and corporate network. The Express 6503 serial G.shdsl DSU allows DSL services and applications to be available to the office router or to the desktop. It supports an integrated G.shdsl WAN interface and a serial interface to the router and can operate at symmetric speeds of up to 2312kbps.