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These products are centered around capturing video footage, recording and transporting via IP in raw format or compressed to standard or high definition video applications. Older analog and coax technologies are quickly being replaced by new IP based solutions. Video surveillance is growing at a rapid rate due to security issues and legal obligations. The movement of high definition video requires compression solutions that maintain high resolution with lower bandwidth demands, especially television broadcasting of news and sports. Many news organizations are using mobile vehicles to capture live events, but have limited bandwidth transmission options due to satellite or microwave technologies that require reduced video bandwidth requiring video encoders. NVR and DVR solutions allow large amounts of video footage to be digitally recorded on large hard drives for playback at a later date. Some of these devices back up video archives directly to the cloud.


Video Encoders

A video encoder enables analog camera equipment to operate of IP based networks. This could be simple analog surveillance cameras or news grade video cameras. There are several models that can support standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) formats. In addition to providing the conversion to IP for network transport, they also provide compression of the original analog signal to reduce the bandwidth requirements. This is extremely important when using satellite or limited bandwidth transmission methods.


IP Cameras

IP Video cameras provide the real time recording of video over modern IP packet based networks. There are many types of IP cameras ranging from day time, night time, infrared, hi resolution, motorized and many other features, but recent advances in this technology all many features to be in a single camera model. Motorized zooming, panning and tilt have been replaced with high resolution lenses that provide digital manipulation for zooming in or panning. Many IP cameras operate with signaling protocol and codec standards making them compatible in most networks. Open source video CMS programs allowing multiple IP cameras to be monitored from one location from a web browser.


Network Video Recorder (NVR)

These products record multiple IP video cameras onto their internal hard drive. This footage can either be played back at a later date with embedded time stamping or be archived. These devices typically come in 1 to 6 TB of storage capability and capable of recording 1 to 16 channels of simultaneous video streams from IP cameras. They are usually compatible with open source video CMS software programs to allow playback. Many have mobile applications to monitor and provide playback capabilities from a smart phone.




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