Pulse provides solutions for Premium Cellular and SMS Gateways

Cellular and SMS Gateways for Corporate, Business, Enterprise and Service Providers


The current business climate requires every advantage possible. You may have implemented many technologies to make your organization more efficient and cut costs, but have you looked at Cellular Gateways?


  • A Cellular Gateway provides alternative low cost access to cellular voice networks
  • A Cellular Gateway provides any PBX new life and functionality

  • A Cellular Gateway provides disaster recovery when traditional telephone voice lines go down

  • A Cellular Gateway allows low cost VoIP termination worldwide

  • A Cellular Gateway provides Least Cost Routing with your choice of VoIP, Cellular or traditional telephone voice lines

  • A Cellular Gateway can eliminate pooled minute overages and convert them to free *Cell to Cell minutes

  • A Cellular Gateway provides SMS messaging solutions with predefined applications or standard software interfaces to your existing systems

  • A Cellular Gateway provides a solution for Corporations, Enterprises, SMB's, Service Providers or just about any organization looking to cut costs or increase revenue

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Cellular/SMS Gateway
3U Base Chassis

Cellular/SMS Gateway
6U Base Chassis