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Q: What is a Hypermedia Cellular Gateway?
A: The Hypermedia cellular gateway products are modular chassis based systems that allow simultaneous access to Voice over IP, traditional T1 or E1 PRI (ISDN) and Cellular technologies which include GSM, CDMA and UMTS (3G). In addition, they have advanced software options for cost saving features, special routing and service provider requirements.


Q: Why would I want to use the Hypermedia Cellular Gateway?
A: To either save money or generate revenue.

For corporate, enterprise and business there are several uses which include:

*Backup and disaster recovery for your PBX or Telephone system in the event traditional land lines are severed or not working. In this event, calls can be re-routed over cellular.

*Allow cellular access to your PBX or Telephone system providing a multitude of features which include eliminating cost over runs in pooled minutes. The cellular gateway will allows your organization to use Free cell to cell minutes instead. Other features include converting your older telephone or PBX systems into modern VoIP systems without the cost of replacement. Other advanced features include Callback, Call Through and SMS functionality.

For Service Providers, cellular gateways allow additional revenue sources by terminating VoIP traffic to cellular networks which can less costly than land lines. Advanced software options allow the cellular gateway to provide Call Back, SMS, advanced routing, timer/scheduling and alternatives to hostile cellular providers.


 Q: What interfaces do the Hypermedia Cellular Gateway support?


Digital - T1 and E1 PRI (ISDN)  - Up to 60 ports
Digital - BRI (ISDN)  - Up to 30 ports


Dual 10/100 Base-T - RJ45


GSM -  Wavecom Q24xx / Q26xx  - 2G
CDMA - Wavecom Q24xx / Q26xx  (RUIM SIM Option available)
UMTS -  Wavecom Q26xx optional - 3G
* One Antenna per 4 channels


Q: Is the CDMA certified for use with the major USA Cellular Carriers?

A: The Cellular Gateways are currently going through certification with Verizon and Sprint. We expect authorization in Q1 2011.


Q: What VoIP CODECS does the Cellular Gateway support?

 A: G.711, G.729 and G.723 (Automatic Detection).


Q: Does the Cellular Gateway support Echo Cancellation ?
A: Yes, G.168.


Q: Does the Cellular Gateway support Fax?
A: No, cellular transmission networks do not really support FAX due to compression and issues that effect cellular transmission.


Q: What Signaling protocols does the Cellular Gateway support ?

T1 - ISDN PRI - NI-2


VoIP - H.323 or SIP


Q: Does the Cellular Gateway support QoS ?
A: Yes, RSVP or DiffServ.

Q: How do you manage the Cellular Gateway?
A:  Web Browser based management with configuration, management and troubleshooting capability.


Q: What is the cellular gateway power requirement?
A: The gateway has one or two AC power supplies. The Voltage is universal from 90-230vac.

 solutions to solve this problem.

Q: How does the cellular gateway mount?
A: The unit supports standard 19" inch rack mounting in either 3U or 6U height. For units with the expansion chassis, it will use another 6U height.

Q: How much does the Cellular Gateway weigh?
A: The minimum weight is 7kg and goes up to 18kg depending on configuration.


Q: How many SIMS can the GSM cellular Gateway support ?
A: Up to a maximum of 288 SIMs internally with up to 72 active at any one time. Each port can support (3) additional SIMs that are controlled by software controlled timers and schedulers for advanced functionality.

By utilizing the optional remote SIM Server, you can increase the SIM support past 288 SIMs.

Q: Does the Cellular Gateway have a remote SIM Server option?
A: Yes, there is an optional SIM Server that allows centralized management of GSM SIMs from any location in the world with Internet/IP communications.


Q: What is a SIM Server?

Typically individual cellular gateways have GSM SIMs loaded inside the chassis where they are going to operate. This can be time consuming, expensive and even dangerous depending on where the cellular gateways are located. A SIM Server allows you to take out GSM SIMs from the individual units and put them in a single piece of equipment that can be located anywhere.  The SIM Server talks to the Cellular Gateway with standard IP.  You can change or move GSM SIMs in the SIM Server and assign them to remote Cellular Gateways.



Q: Does the Cellular Gateway support SMS and Text Messages?
A: Yes, you can either add as an option to the Cellular Gateway or purchase a the 7000 series which is dedicated to SMS features and functionality.


Q: What can I do with a SMS Cellular Gateway?
A: Professional, modular SMS Gateways are for sending and receiving SMS messages, ranging from 4 up to 72 GSM channels for providing instant communication product tools. You can purchase models to interface with your current programs and databases or you can purchase our pre-designed software packages. Any business or organization utilizing SMS messages can build their own applications inexpensively.

A business example would be a real estate company who puts a SMS text number on the for sale sign, when the prospect sends this SMS number, they get back a listing of the property on their cell phone.

Many Government, financial and healthcare related organizations have legal troubles when utilizing SMS services directly, with the 7000 series a service provider can interface for them eliminating legal issues and generating revenue.



Q: What is the difference between the HG-7100, HG-7200 and HG-7300 SMS Server Options ?

HG-7100: This version is the SMS PRO software that comes standard with the HG-7000 SMS Server. By purchasing this software option, the HG-2000, HG-3000 and HG-4000 cellular gateways can be upgraded to support SMS capability.

HG-7200: This version is the SMS Corporate software. By purchasing this software option, the HG-2000, HG-3000, HG-4000 and HG-7000 gateways can be upgraded to support advanced SMS features geared toward corporate and enterprise applications.

HG-7300: This version is the SMS Campaigner software. By purchasing this software option, the HG-2000, HG-3000, HG-4000 and HG-7000 gateways can be upgraded to support advanced SMS features geared toward marketing applications.


Q: How many SMS messages can be sent?
A: The SMS Cellular Gateways can support 5-7 SMS messages per minute per port. Model configurations are capable of supporting 72 ports per chassis.


Q: Can I perform both Voice and SMS features at the same time?
A: Yes, the units can support simultaneous GSM Voice calls and SMS messages.



Q: What is the HG-6000 VoIP to PRI Gateway?
A: This model supports only VoIP to ISDN PRI and is NOT considered a cellular gateway. Since the HG Cellular Gateway series has this basic capability, by removing the cellular capability it provides a low cost, high performance solution when a traditional VoIP gateway is required.



Q: What is the warranty length of the Cellular or SMS Gateway?
A: 2 Years





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