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Operating in the licensed microwave spectrum, ALFOPlus2 combines the ultra-high capacity of up to 2 Gbps full-duplex transmission rates in a single carrier-grade, compact, all-outdoor enclosure. ALFOPlus2 achieves this with the inclusion of advanced modulation of 4096QAM along with our RF-multicore architecture. ALFOPlus2 easily extends multi-gigabit connectivity at multi-mile distances with carrier-grade five-nines availability.

Siae ALFO2 Microwave Radio $15,950 per link*


SIAE Microelettronica’s ALFOPlus1 radio provides all the system functionality and performance of the ALFOPlus2, but with single carrier operation. ALFOPlus1 offers modulation of 4096QAM, four-port Ethernet connections, carrier-Ethernet 2.0 services, direct DC power and/or PoE feeds with the ease of direct ODU-to antenna mounting to simplify the installation.

Siae ALFO1 Plus Microwave Radio $10,950 per link*


ALFOPlus combines compactness, best-in-class performance and the lowest power consumption in a single efficient and cost-effective full-outdoor microwave backhaul solution. ALFO Plus offers up to 500 Mbps IP transport capacity utilizing 1024 QAM modulation with ACM (optional) and Packet Header compression (optional) in a single carrier configuration. ALFOPlus supports Power over Ethernet via CAT5 while also offering the flexibility of standard fiber interface with single-mode or multi-mode pluggable SFPs. ALFOPlus provides a MEF-9 and MEF-14 compliant built-in 2-port Ethernet switch supporting QoS, VLAN and jumbo frames up to 10K bytes.

Siae ALFO Plus Microwave Radio $6,950 per link*


Operating in the lightly-licensed E-Band spectrum, our 3rd generation 70/80 GHz system, ALFOPlus80HDX yields un-paralleled transmission rates of 10 gigabits per second full-duplex (20 Gbps aggregate), in a carrier-grade, compact, all-outdoor enclosure. ALFOPlus80HDX is a feature-rich network backbone solution that yields true fiber-like, ultra-high capacity along with the low latency performance required for today’s fixed, mobile and enterprise networks. ALFOPlus80HDX extends the network with 10GbE connections across the street, across the campus or across town for quick and easy deployments where fiber can’t be extended or where fiber is too costly to implement.
 Siae ALFOplus80HDX Microwave Radio  $14,500 per link*


Operating in the lightly-licensed E-Band spectrum, ALFOPlus80HD provides ultra-high capacity up to 2 Gbps full-duplex transmission rates in a carrier-grade, compact, all-outdoor enclosure. ALFOPlus80HD is a feature-rich backhaul solution that yields fiber-like high capacity along with the low latency performance required for today’s fixed, mobile and enterprise networks.

 Siae ALFOplus80HD Microwave Radio  $8,995 per link*


AGS20 is Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform addresses the need for carrier-class multi-technology traffic aggregation. Based on high-performance Carrier Ethernet 2.0 engine (MPLS ready), the platform enables the convergence of the major microwave application segments: Next Generation Indoor Unit for split-mount radio operation and Aggregation for all-outdoor radio solutions from 6 – 80 GHz. The IDU can host a variety of interfaces (a mix of GE and Radio IF interfaces), for maximum flexibility when interconnecting heterogeneous technologies. Up to ten interfaces can be equipped in single 1RU equipment allowing reaching up to ten different directions. A higher level of connectivity is provided by supporting IDU stack-ability for nodal configurations, addressing the demand for a higher number of radio directions.

 Siae AGS20 Microwave Product  Starting at $7,590 per link*

 * price does not include software upgrades, DC power, POE, SFPs, cables, antennas or other ancillary items required to complete a link of radios.