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Memotec NetPerformer 8400 Serial Port Extender


The NetPerformer SDM-8400 enables enterprises and service providers to incrementally scale their network infrastructures as requirements for additional serial ports increase. In a satellite network, for example, service providers can start small with a NetPerformer SDM-9220 or SDM-9230 and up to three modems attached to the serial ports on these units, and then add modems for additional sites by simply implementing NetPerformer SDM-8400s. Since the NetPerformer SDM-8400s are IP devices with multiple connectivity options, they easily integrate into any network.


Product Information

Supports flexible network configurations

The NetPerformer SDM-8400 is easy to implement because it can support most standard network configurations such as fully meshed, hierarchical, star, point-to-point, or satellite point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. In addition, the device can handle framed serial traffic or support transparent circuit emulation and then send the resulting data over these packet based networks. As a result, time to market with expanded services that rely on additional serial devices is minimized and so are overhead costs and overall network impacts.

Delivers high quality over low bandwidth

The NetPerformer SDM-8400 utilizes Memotec's patent-pending, award-winning PowerCell® prioritization and data compression technology to enable superior quality of service with minimal bandwidth utilization, providing high compression data transport over a variety of WAN infrastructures, including leased and switched lines, Frame Relay, IP/PPP, and IP/Ethernet circuits. PowerCell allows you to define up to eight classes of service with 16 different levels of prioritization to ensure that your mission critical applications always get the bandwidth they need. In addition, PowerCell is combined with IP Precedence TOS bit and 802.1p/q support to provide crucial end-to-end Quality of Service for both mission-critical voice and data applications.


Key Features

  • Support four or eight serial ports
  • Use incremental scalability of satellite and broadband networks

  • Integrate 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports

  • Support flexible network configurations

  • Offer automatic dial backup in case of WAN link failure

  • Include high performance quality of service functionality

  • Utilize ACTview 3000 for network management


  • Adding additional Serial Ports and/or Links to SDM-9220 and SDM-9230
  • Serial to Serial Converter or Extender


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