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MT-350 - Analog PSTN to Cellular Gateway

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MT-350 - Analog PSTN to Cellular Gateway


Analog FXS/FXO to GSM Cellular Gateway

The MT-350 is an Analog PSTN (FXS/FXO) to GSM Cellular Gateway with (1) Channels. The MT-350 can connect directly to the PSTN, PBX or any device with standard FXS/FXO analog support. With the MT-350, you can connect to analog ports from a PBX or PSTN and send calls out over the cellular GSM network.


MT-350 - Analog PSTN to Cellular Gateway




  • FXS/FXO to Cellular
  • 1 simultaneous call
  • Conversion of wired & wireless communication
  • Auto-select economic route
  • Code Conversion: Through the connection towards the local PSTN line, the phone calls will proceed with a code-transfer dialing process.
  • Voice volume adjustment
  • Allow-to-Dial Code (GSM Prefix No.Setting (50 sets))
  • GSM dial-out code amount configuration
  • Polarity reversing function
  • Definition of DTMF reversing signal
  • Limit of communicating time
  • GSM function of dialing out the prompt voice
  • When not connecting to the Telephone Office line, GSM will provide the forced dial-out function
  • Set up of GSM extra dialing local code
  • Set up of extra dialing local-code to PSTN
  • GSM simulated Ring Back Tone function
  • GSM not ready, the call will be forced to dial out from PSTN
  • Receive SMS and Send SMS
  • Follow Me, Call-transfer:
    - PSTN to GSM: An incoming call of PSTN will be transferred to specify GSM no.
    - GSM to PSTN:
    1. GSM in PSTN out, give you a Dial Tone and you can enter any destination number
    2. An incoming call of GSM will be transferred to specify PSTN no.
  • 3G Frequency:
    U Version:2G 850,900,1800,1900MHz,3G 850,2100 MHz
    A Version:2G 850,900,1800,1900MHz,3G 850,1900 MHz
    G Version:2G 850,900,1800,1900MHz,3G 800/850/900/1900/2100HMZ
  • 1-year warranty



  • Phone Impedance: Below DC 1kΩ, AC 600Ω.(not include line)
  • Phone Ring Output Voltage:45V RMS.
  • Phone Signal (DTMF) Standard:-3dbm ~ -24dbm.
  • Phone Signal (DTMF)Time:50~100ms.
  • DTMF Frequency Rate Error:±1%
  • Feeder Voltage:48V.
  • AC Adapter: Input 110V/220V AC.




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