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MV-378 Cellular to VoIP Gateway

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MV-378 - Cellular to VoIP Gateway


8 ports VoIP GSM/UMTS Gateway

The MV-378 is an 8 channel VoIP GSM/UMTS/4G LTE Gateway for call termination (VoIP to GSM/UMTS/LTE ) and origination ( GSM/UMTS/LTE to VoIP). The system is SIP based and compatible with Asterisk, Trixbox, 3CX, SIP Proxy Server, and VoipBuster. It can be enabled to make up to 8 calls simultaneously from IP phones to GSM/UMTS/LTE networks and GSM/UMTS/LTE networks to IP phones.


Portech MV-378 - Cellular Media Gateway




  • VoIP (SIP) <-> GSM/UMTS/LTE Conversion
  • Supports LCR (Least Cost Routing) for cost reduction
  • SMS/Text receiving and sending
  • Support for AT Commands - Allows control from external applications or programs
  • Voice response for settings and status (dial in from mobile phone).
  • Call Back Service
  • Enable 1-stage dialing or 2-stage dialing
  • Backup of CDRs
  • Supports Virtual SIM with Remote SIM Management (1 SIM or MultiSIM)
  • Supports USSD Command (SIM Balance and Recharge value)
  • Easy Web-based interface management
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3G Frequency:
    U Version:2G 850,900,1800,1900MHz,3G 850,2100 MHz
    A Version:2G 850,900,1800,1900MHz,3G 850,1900 MHz
    G Version:2G 850,900,1800,1900MHz,3G 800/850/900/1900/2100HMZ
    (An optional 4G LTE version is available)
  • Protocols: SIP (RFC2543,RFC3261)
  • Codec: G.711 u-Law,G.711 a-Law,G.729A,G.729A/B
  • Voice Quality: VAD, CNG, AEC, LEC, and Packet loss


Remote SIM Bank (optional)

  • Connect with PORTech VoIP GSM Gateway via internet
  • SIM cards no longer need to be installed in VoIP GSM Gateway anymore
  • You can deploy your VoIP GSM Gateway in different locations
  • Centralize and supervise all SIMs in one place

SIM Server

  • A non-blocking switching system between a PORTech VoIP GSM Gateway and Remote SIM Bank
  • Configurable calling time for each sheet of the SIM card
  • When the time runs out, the system will block this GSM port or switch to the next unused SIM card


  • Set Talk Time per SIM
  • Set GSM Group(Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
  • Set Day of week
  • Set Time Range


Portech MV-3716 Gateway - VoIP to GSM


Optional GSM Booster: BT-918/BT-921
It can improve the cellular signal in poor reception areas. Simple installation


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