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Remote Sim Bank - SBK-32

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Remote SIM Bank - SBK-32


Remote SIM Bank SBK-32 for MV-370, MV-372, MV-374, MV-378, MV-3716, and MV-3732 Cellular Gateways

The Remote SIM Bank SBK-32 is a multi-SIM card container device that holds up to 32 SIM cards and allows them to be controlled from any location with an Internet or IP connection. With the SBK-32, SIM cards no longer need to be installed in the MV-37X cellular gateways. You can deploy your cellular gateways in different locations and countries. With this new concept of using the SBK-32 SIM bank solution, you can centralize, control and supervise all SIM cards in one centralized location. SIM management will be easy, quick and secure. In most cases, the MV-37X cellular gateways would change SIM cards to get the best rate on different Cellular providers. With the SBK-32, you can place physical sims in the centralized location or change a SIM card corresponding port directly via the Internet


SBK-32 - Remote SIM Bank




  • Supports up to 32 SIMs
  • Works with SIM Server Software (SS-128)
  • Works with MV-37 series of gateways (MV-370, MV-372, MV-374, MV-378, MV-3716 and MV-3732)
  • Set Talk Time per SIM
  • Set GSM Group (Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
  • Set Day of week
  • Set Time Range
  • Central management and secure storage of all SIM cards
  • Control and Supervision of your SIMs from your office
  • Allow you to choose the best GSM operators price plan
  • Immediate control of all your SIM cards from your office
  • Easy and powerful web-based management, Easy to configure convenience any time!
  • Switch SIM cards between connected gateways, configuration via remote client
  • Save huge costs on technicians and traveling to the installation sites
  • Save on travel expense and precious time
  • Save the cost of on-site technicians\
  • Save the downtime between maintenance intervals
  • 1-year warranty
  • Also available with support for 128 SIMs (SBK-128)




SBK-32 - Remote SIM Server


Remote SIM Bank - SBK-128 - Application





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