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SP-8H - Smart Power Monitor

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SP-8H - Smart Power Monitor


Smart Power Monitor and Outlet Control

The Smart Power Monitor SP-8H (8 ports) is a Remote Control Surveillance Management System that can power on, off or Reboot via the PSTN and Internet. Consists of a Master unit and up to (15) lower cost slave units with the ability to control up to 128 ports under a single management interface.


SP-8H  - Smart Power Monitor



  • Control Power Switching of Remote Equipment via IP network, Internet or a telephone with IVR
  • LED indicators and display to inspect current equipment ID, Main input Current, and individual device current draw
  • It can be linked with 15 sets monitors at maximum to control up to 128 sets of connected devices
  • Detect whether two sets of power circuit are normal automatically
  • It is equipped with overloading electric breakers to protect attached devices from electrical damage
  • It can be attached to a temperature detector to control the power switch according to environmental change
  • Execute Power On/Off/Reboot via Console
  • Supports nearby Manual Power Switch.
  • Supports Power Start sequence setting to prevent all of the switches from starting simultaneously and cause a current overload
  • Provides 20 sets of accounts and passwords to manage multiple power switches
  • Automated power switch start time
  • Support Windows and Linux to execute the safety shut-down to avoid system damage
  • Support Wake on Ring function. ATX equipment can be started normally
  • Detect whether the power current of all ports is normal to avoid current overloading and damage the attached device.
  • Alerts and email warnings for real-time surveillance
  • Records the user's operating message and any abnormal message to provide follow-up records
  • Provide an API interface. The manager can develop control of the power switch by any external API
  • Each port can detect UPS low power signal to provide a safety shut-down for the attached equipment
  • IP and MAC address flitters to prevent an unauthorized user from accessing the power switch


SP-8H - Smart Power Monitor Application




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