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ZDL-2 - Smart Power Monitor

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ZDL-2 - Smart Power Monitor


Smart Power Monitor and Outlet Control

The Smart Power Monitor ZDL-2 (2 ports) is a Remote Control Surveillance Management System that can power on, off or Reboot via the PSTN and Internet. The ZDL-2 has an optional temperature probe to monitor the external temperature or a device.



ZDL-2  - Smart Power Monitor



  • Control Power Switching of Remote Equipment via IP network/Internet
  • It is equipped with overloading electric breakers to protect attached devices from electrical damage
  • It can be attached to a temperature detector to control the power switch according to environmental change
  • Execute Power On/Off/Reboot via WEB GUI
  • For larger requirements, applications and additional features, please see the SP-4L, SP-8L, and SP-8H



Network Drawing:


sp-2L smart power monitor application




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