Pulse provides solutions for Low Density Cellular Gateways from Portech


Solutions from Pulse for the Portech Cellular Gateways



The Portech Cellular Gateways provide a vast array of solutions for any organization ranging from service providers to small businesses.

Find below several popular solutions for different applications and environments. These are just a few of the many solutions available. If you have any application or question, please call or email your local Pulse Cellular solutions representative.




    Cellular access for a IP PBX

    Having access to the cellular network from your IP PBX provides many advantages. These include lower costs for making calls, providing a backup in case your analog lines stop working and utilizing "Cell to Cell" minutes. The Portech MV Series addresses this solution for most any popular IP PBX like Asterisk, Tribox, PBXnSIP, etc..--> Read More
Cellular Access for IP PBX application

    VoIP Termination

    In today's VoIP Termination market the profit margins are being squeezed due to equipment costs and cellular carriers shutting down termination sites who are taking to much traffic from a single cell tower. With the Portech 1, 2, 4 or 8 port VoIP to Cellular gateways you can reduce your exposure by covering more rural areas and less ports per cell tower.  ---> Read More
VoIP Termination using the Portech Cellular Gateway

    Cell to Cell Minutes

    Many Cellular Providers allow Cell Phone to Cell Phone calls in the same network without using your paid minutes. Since the Portech Cellular Gateway appears like a cell phone to the cellular provider, the free Cell to Cell minutes apply. This means you can put two or more Portech Cellular gateways in a city, state or another country and take advantage of the Cell to Cell savings.> Read More
Cell to Cell Application for the Portech Cellular Gateway

    ITSP Application

    With the Popularity of ITSP and Hosted PBX services, the Portech Cellular gateway allows you to access these services just like a simple SIP phone. Once connected, calls can be sent to the Portech Cellular gateway and it will forward them over the Cellular Network to call a cell phone or a traditional analog phone line. In addition, Cellular calls can be made to the Portech Cellular gateway and terminate with the ITSP.


ITSP or Hosted PBX Application for Portech Cellular Gateway


Solutions and Applications



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