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Star Service Call Center Solution


Cellular carriers are rapidly introducing new STAR (*) services on their networks, using call center and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) information access solutions. Common call center and IVR products have ISDN interfaces and do not support direct connection to the cellular, SS7 based network. This leaves carriers with no choice but to use expensive central offi ce (CO) switches to convert and connect the STAR services to the SS7 network. STAR services can be roadside assistance programs, regional weather reports, or cellular service help centers, such as the common *611 service. STAR services provide information to cellular subscribers as part of their base subscription, or as pay as you go services.

Carriers and content providers need a cost effective way to connect their SS7-based cellular networks to call centers and IVR systems based largely on ISDN network interfaces. They want to untie the central offi ce switches from the role of protocol conversion and allow the ports to be deployed for higher-revenue generating customer services.

The SignalPath™ 201 and 230 platforms provide a scalable solution to convert ISDN connections from call center and IVR platforms to SS7 links into the cellular network. This prevents the unnecessary tie-up of public network trunks on CO switches for signaling conversion; directly connecting the STAR services to the cellular network.

SignalPath™ provides a way to bridge the gap between the ISDN and SS7 based networks, allowing STAR calls on the SS7 network to be routed directly into common ISDN based call centers.

The SP201 converts up to four trunks of ISDN to four trunks of SS7 for handling call volumes of up to 92 simultaneous non-blocking sessions. The SP230 scales from four to 44 trunks, handling call volumes of up to 1,012 simultaneous non-blocking voice sessions. These devices provide a huge operational savings over a central office-based solution.

SignalPath™ also supports global signaling variants for both North American and international variants of ISDN and SS7, including R2, C7, R1, ANSI NI 2, and ETSI (Euro) ISDN

Solution Snapshot: Encore SP230 and Avaya Definity Call Center *611

  • Deployed at major North American cellular carriers
  • Connects ISDN-based Avaya Defi nity Call Centers to the SS7 Network
  • Enables *611 services on the cellular networks
  • Customer service applications:
    • Tow trucks
    • Taxi service
    • Airport information
    • Weather forecasts
    • Stock information



Star Service Call Center Solution



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